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Media Management London CIC is here to provide services and workshops for our students.

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Our services and workshops

Design with a lasting impact

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Education and training

We will provide the accurate training and workshops for different courses that are relevant to the media industry. For example: graphic design, preparing for work, drama, art and more.


Come and watch a film at our community centre. We hold events for different categories of films for you all to enjoy together. Support Media Management London CIC today and let us know what film you would like to watch next.

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Wanting to get into radio? Join us today and we can make this a safe space for our clients to discuss important societal issues and their interests. We believe coming together to have a conversation opens a lasting impact.


When it comes to starting a business, we want to leave a lasting impression.
It is vital to use the right combination to have a visually appealing design, so our job is to help you with your website design, logo design, business cards, product design, newsletter design, poster design, and much more. We work hard to make our clients get the attention they deserve.

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